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Call for Papers

We welcome papers from a wide range of subjects in the hope of representing the multi-disciplinary approach of Kropotkin. For example, but not limited to, any of the below:

  • The modern relevance of Kropotkin’s work: especially within the context of neoliberalism, the Covid 19 pandemic and climate change
  • Kropotkin’s contributions to science and the philosophy of science 
  • Kropotkin’s position within the broader anarchist movement now and during his lifetime
  • The practice of applying many of Kropotkin’s theoretical perspectives: direct action, mutual aid groups etc
  • Critical perspectives on Kropotkin’s work and continuing relevance (especially from a marxist and anarchist perspective)
  • Theories of change on individual, social, and planetary scales, adaptation, revolution, evolution
  • Revolutionary practice and social transformations, optimism, utopianism, critique
  • Forms of organisation, federation, communism, means and ends
  • The forgotten Kropotkin: overlooked facets of his life, work, and theory

Submission of Proposals

Please submit proposals (up to 500 words) or panel proposals (3-4 papers less than 250 words long) by 31st May 2021 to

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